sábado, 1 de março de 2014

21 de janeiro de 2014

What if?
That's an anxious motto. That's what the drama is all about.
Most say I shouldn't be asking this at all. But all I see is they lose their lives away when that eventually comes. But I, I don't like surprises.

So, I think, I imagine and I plan. I observe, I listen, I learn.
I didn't want to say "I told you so", but if they look carefully everyone can see. Because most things are just here, plain to see.

Nothing defines me completely. Nothings makes my whole. I all whole in all my parts. Even if they change. Even if they go.

If you break me, I'll learn. If you don't learn, I may go.

What if you betray me after all?
Then I may leave you at once.
Or I may try to get your trust back.
Or I may decive you too.
Or I may just don't care.
Or I may let it go.

What if you are not the friend you used to be?
I may find another friend.
Or I may try to teach you again.
Or I may not need any.

What if passion dies?
I may try to relive it.
Or I can make an agreement.
Or I can find out other passions.

What would I do if you were not here?
I might learn German at a proper school, work more, go out more, watch more movies, try to waste my time, dance more, drink more, meet more strange people, read more,

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